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My one size diapers are trim, soft diapers with a four-layer quilted and serged woven 100% cotton terry soaker in the middle. This allows greater absorbency without extra bulkiness. My diapers have enclosed elastic at the legs and back and three layers in the body. Your diaper will contain an outside print in flannel or knit then a middle layer of flannel or knit and your inner layer of either velour or micro-fleece.The inner layer is where the fabric touches your baby's bottom. I make the diapers with serged and sewed inside seams that are then turned outside for a top stitch all around the diaper to prevent the fabric from shifting. I also have AIO One Size Diapers. No need for a cover as your diaper has a water proof lining inside. Coming soon AI2 One Size Diapers.

Diaper diapers diaper diapers These diapers fit most babies between 10 and 25/30 lbs. This diaper might be a bit too big for some newborns. Being a one size diaper, the fit will vary on each baby. Keep in mind that when your baby reaches about 24 lbs, the diaper will fit lower on the waist.

Diaper diapers diaper diapers My diapers have two rows of plastic snaps on the body and wings which don't touch baby's tummy, and a cross-over tab for smaller babies. All fabrics are pre-washed in hot water then dried on hot for maximum shrinkage before cutting. Any cover can be used over my one size diaper.No cover needed for AIO One Size Diapers.
Diaper diapers diaper diapers
Fabric Choices
I have new prints in flannel, knit and a few stretch terry cloth. I have many colors in both velour and microfleece-just e-mail me for colors or check out my shop on etsy.Custom diapers are always welcome.If you want to choose your print and inside fabric, just e-mail me. I do have diapers already made on etsy. www.erikaschiquis.etsy.com
Knits-Only Checkers available but I have many other prints not shown-check out my etsy store for the lastest prints.
Fabric 1 - Blue Squares

Blue Squares

Fabric 2 - Lion Cubs

Lion Cubs

Fabric 3 - Blue Sky

Blue Sky

Fabric 4 - Cute Puppy Red

Cute Puppy Red

Fabric 5 - School Days

School Days

Fabric 6 - Cute Puppy Blue

Cute Puppy Blue

Fabric 7 - Hockey Animals

Hockey Animals

Flannel-Only Available are Sweater Bears and Jungle Animals but I have over 50 other flannel/knit/terry cloth prints up on my etsy shop.
Fabric 8 - Sweater Bears

Sweater Bears

Fabric 9 - Jungle Animal

Jungle Animal

Fabric 10 - Polar Bears

Polar Bears

Fabric 11 - Baseball Bears

Baseball Bears

Fabric 12 - Heart Bears

Heart Bears

Fabric 13 - Transportation


Malden Mills Microfleece
Fabric 14 - Orange Microfleece

Orange Microfleece

Fabric 15 - Turquoise Microfleece

Turquoise Microfleece

Fabric 16 - Blue Microfleece

Blue Microfleece

Fabric 17 - Red Microfleece

Red Microfleece

Fabric 18 - White Microfleece

White Microfleece

Fabric 19 - Slate Gray Microfleece

Slate Gray Microfleece

Fabric 20 - Brown Microfleece

Brown Microfleece

Velour-one purple left but I also have available sky blue and white
Fabric 21 - Red Velour

Red Velour

Fabric 22 - Green Velour

Green Velour

Fabric 23 - Blue Velour

Blue Velour

Fabric 24 - Yellow Velour

Yellow Velour

Fabric 25 - Purple Velour

Purple Velour

To order or for information about Chiquitos please e-mail me.

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